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    Added on 17 December 2019

    Why does Mental illness Occur?

    Schizophrenia is the only way to reach a state of angry mania. The time from the birth of the child to the age of five years is very important. In these five years, the environment around the child, the home environment, the mental state of parents, financial condition, etc. have a great impact on the child. Therefore, special care should be taken to ensure that the child gets a healthy environment.

    Jyotishacharya Pandit Dayanand Shastri said that schizophrenia is a mental illness. In this, the patient starts wandering in imagination. Scare people will be sitting in a corner, sometimes becomes violent. Many times, the patient will wash his hands again and again, if he does not like anyone, then seeing him, he will become violated, etc. Even the most ambitious person becomes a victim of this disease when he cannot achieve his goal.

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    Dear viewers/readers, this disease starts only when the child is in the womb. Women who live in depression and stress during pregnancy or fear and anger, remain unhappy, then the child is born from birth. It is not a common mental disease. It usually affects 150 out of every one lakh people. The disease usually occurs during adolescence or puberty. This includes making the distance from society, worry, confusion, nightmares, feelings of insanity or harassment, or not paying attention to the hygiene of the body, staying hungry, raving alone, violent behavior, etc.

    Schizophrenia emerges slowly, if not treated, the symptoms worsen over time. Patients with schizophrenia are not aware that their behavior has become bizarre or unusual. Her family and friends can definitely recognize that she has this disorder and needs proper treatment for it.

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    The initial stage of schizophrenia is the ideal stage for detection and treatment. The sooner treatment is started, the more medicines are likely to be effective. Such are the signs of the onset of schizophrenia. Increased irritability, isolation, hunger and lack of sleep without any apparent reason, laughing or smiling without reason, lack of attention and becoming indifferent to your cleanliness and grooming.

    It is a matter to note that the presence of anyone symptom alone does not mean that your loved one will have schizophrenia. Patients with schizophrenia exhibit a combination of the symptoms described above over a period of time and these symptoms gradually emerge over a period of weeks or months. It is also possible that he may have some other type of psychosis. Whatever it is, attention should be paid to identifying the disorder and starting treatment.

    Other chronic physical ailments, such as diabetes and hypertension, can be overcome through medication and support. If necessary, appropriate medicines, support of family and friends, a fixed routine and appropriate psychological input.

    The rule is that one-third of people with schizophrenia return to normal life, one-third of them return to normal life at slightly lower levels and are able to deal with conditions, the remaining one-third of people with functional or More help is needed to lead a normal life.

    One cannot make a definite guess as to when the patient will be completely back to normal. Its formula rests on the early detection: the sooner you identify the problem and the diagnosis of the disease is confirmed, the more serious and prompt your treatment will be, and on that basis, the chances of good results will increase. Adhering to a planned treatment is the key to improvement.

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