• Booking Management

    Build a Network of trusted people
    • Get more bookings - online, offline, on-the-go
    • Easily book, cancel & reschedule appointments
    • Manage bookings in multiple locations
    • Timezone and date:time format customization
    • Add buffer times between appointments
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  • Client Management

    Everything you need to get more clients
    • Let clients book services online 24/7
    • Send booking confirmation/notification/reminder
    • Allow client to reschedule their appointment
    • Set prices and accept online payments
    • Get stuff done with a powerful calendar
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  • Services

    Impress your next contact today
    • Add/edit/delete services offered easily
    • Customize each service with unique settings
    • Organize diverse services under relevant categories
    • Add and customize service providers
    • Set up the timezone, currency symbol, etc
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  • Integrations

    Promote your products & capture leads
    • Embed the widget on your website
    • Google Calendar 2-way sync
    • Facebook and Instagram Bookings
    • Add a link to your booking page from Google My Business
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