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Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC provides a range of strategic litigation solutions, including mock trials, focus groups for trial lawyers, online jury research, case valuation research, jury selection, More


Added on 15 January 2019
There are numerous factors that should be kept in mind in the course of selecting the most effective #jury for the #case. Even worse, if these costly mistakes are not realized until it's far too late in order to rectify the issue, and save the verdict.
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Added on 15 January 2019
A #trialconsultant is an expert who lends his or her expertise and knowledge to defend the #lawyers. Well, back in the time this was often done with the purpose of helping the lawyers to get prepared for the trials, but today there are few trail consultants are also offering both arbitration sessions and mediation services.
Everything You Need to Know About Trail Consultants - Content Cafe contentcafe.org Whenever you come across a true-criminal story on screen with several dramatic reenactments of the trial, do you ever think how much time, efforts, and preparat...

Added on 20 December 2018
If you walk out of an arbitration with all your hair, maybe you’re doing it wrong. Geri Satin was a big firm #lawyer in Florida who went back to school for her Ph.D. in #legal psychology. Now, her firm, Focus Litigation Consulting, helps lawyers prepare for #trial.

Added on 17 December 2018
What’s your #litigation practice area, sooner or later you will be in need of an expert #witness. Keep in mind the above-stated point to choose the best one.

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Added on 17 December 2018
#Juryselection is one of the crucial components of the court proceedings, in any #case. Pick up the best #jury selection #consultant in the legal industry, with experience and knowledge on several high-profile cases.

The Importance Of Jury Selection Consulting Services In Legal Industry (Posts by Mike Lee) bloglovin.com Trial lawyers or attorneys in Broward representing their clients in high-stakes cases or ligation matters try to cover almost everything when it comes to prepar...

Added on 17 December 2018
#Juryresearch revealed that more than two-thirds of #jurors would find for the defendant on liability. The average award of minority jurors was $2.2 million; the 50th percentile awards totaled only $1.3 million.
Tales From a Seasoned Trial Consultant | Focus Litigation Consulting focuslitigation.com Many years ago, when I was first learning the trial consulting business and working for another company, I was called upon to facilitate some mock trials....

Added on 17 December 2018
Hon. Michael R. Panter (Ret.), a former Cook County Circuit Court #Judge, sat down with FLC Senior #TrialConsultant, Dr. #GeriSatin, to discuss the procedures, goals, and takeaways of #conducting pre-ADR research.

Dr. Geri Satin and Focus Litigation featured in Chicago Daily Law Bulletin focuslitigation.com Dr. Geri Satin spoke with the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about Focus Litigation Consulting's mock arbitration research....

Added on 05 December 2018
Many #witnesses fail to make an eyes contact with the #judge. Some witnesses oftentimes answer to the #trail #consultants and #attorneys, mistaking them for the one who really matters in the court: and that person is the judge.


Added on 05 December 2018
#Voir-dire can neither be overlooked nor neglected. Hence, voir dire #consultants in Broward are
trained to make efforts to develop questions and strategies that will make identifying ideal #jurors

Added on 05 December 2018
Focus Litigation Consulting’s #Consultants offer helpful advises and tips which can make a huge
difference in your case. With decades of experience assisting #attorneys, in-house counsel, insurers, governmental entities, and companies in civil and #criminal #cases across the country.