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Added on 16 January 2019

Gum Disease: Know More About Prevention and Treatment

16 January 2019

https://www.mysmiledoctors.com.au/Have your gums turned red and swollen? Are they becoming too sensitive or sore? Or they bleed when you brush?

If the answer to these is YES, then you need to start searching for a dental clinic near me. Reason being, all these are signs of gum diseases. Basically, this occurs due to the presence of bacteria on your teeth and gums. As these bacteria attack the gums surrounding the teeth, the problem might lead to tissue loss and bone loss, in the worst case.

What causes gum disease?

As stated it is the bacteria found in plaque and tartar which forms a sticky film on the teeth. This film is a blend of mucus, bacteria, food, and other particles. Now when this plaque is not removed properly, it becomes home to more bacteria which causes inflammation of the gums. This is termed as gingivitis. As far as tartar is concerned, it can only be removed with help of dentists in Parramatta, NSW. 

How to prevent gum disease?

In order to prevent gingivitis, you need to follow through a strict course of action which stops the plaque formation on the teeth. Initially, it can be controlled with help of daily flossing and brushing habits. But it is also recommended to go for regular professional cleanings for better dental health.

Also, it is important to understand that gum disease can occur due to many other conditions. To list some, these include diabetes and hormonal fluctuations, which are out of our control. And then there are some which can be controlled easily. These are keeping a distance from smoking, a bad diet, and taking certain drugs.

Here is a brief on how you can prevent gum disease:

  • You must consume eat a healthy diet. Include fresh fruit and veggies with lots of water in your routine. Say no to processed, sugary foods. Have more of foods rich in vitamins E and C. As these will boost your immune system it will help to maintain strong teeth.
  • Stay relaxed and try to reduce stress as it can weaken your immune system.
  • Quit smoking! Do you know smokers are seven times more likely to deal with gum problems? Hence, you need to keep away from smoking as far as possible.

Even after a long way of prevention you encounter gum diseases, you must know the right solution for your dental health.

How to treat gum diseases?

Thanks to the evolution of dentistry that there is the number of ways in which gum disease can be treated. To get them done you must look for a reputed Parramatta dental clinic. You can go for non-surgical treatments such as professional cleaning, gum scaling, etc. to get rid of excess plaque and tartar build-up. The other alternative is of surgical treatments pocket reduction surgery, guided tissue regeneration, and many more.

Remember, gum disease not only makes you unattractive but can also be more dangerous if overlooked. They can affect your immune system, and even cause heart disease and stroke. So start following up your dentists in Parramatta on a regular basis!


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