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Added on 19 December 2018

The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

19 December 2018

Dentists around the world recommend their patients to visit twice a year for dental checkups. You might be wondering why are we asked to visit dentists and what exactly is the importance of regular dental checkups? Don’t worry as we sit down and try to clear out at least some of the confusion around the need of having dental checkups every six months.

Looking for the best dentist in Parramatta? Mysmiledoctors.com.au is the best dental clinic near you in Parramatta NSW provides dental care services at affordable prices.

Regular oral health checkups are considered extremely important as they help your dentist to get to the problems at the very initial stage. Our mouth is one of the most important part of our body considering the fact we eat all kinds of junk food using this poor organ. It becomes even more important to see if our food or our lifestyle is impacting badly on our oral health. A thorough dental visit will give your dentist a chance to look at any problems. It would consist of:

Checking of cavities for plaque or tartar

Your gums will be checked if there are any signs of gum disease

Examining your tongue

Loose or broken teeth

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Damaged fillings

Checking for tooth decay

Your face, neck and throat will also be examined


Once, your dentist is done with the checkup, you might be advised for cleaning processes. Your oral health practitioner may then proceed to clean your teeth and gums and remove any plaque and tartar in the process known as scaling. They will also floss between your teeth and might polish your teeth, if required. The trip is then ended with a review of your own brushing and flossing techniques.

If your dentist finds any severe impending problems, they might advise you for more procedures like root canal treatment. You can visit My Smile Doctors for your regular dental checkups. Our highly trained and skilled doctors are experts in pain free dental procedures in Sydney and Parramatta.

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