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Added on 26 September 2019

Different Types Of Voices - Mr. D's Music School

26 September 2019

While going through voice classes in Folsom, you will get to know about a variety of different voices. Each different voice is used for certain notes and our vocal range is divided up amongst the voices mentioned below.

  • Chest Voice

The chest voice is the main voice and usually is where we sing the notes we are comfortable singing. Chest voice for men usually is lower than a chest voice for women. The majority of famous female singers sing in chest voice – the easiest of them. However, the majority of male singers sing in their mixed voice.

  • Mixed Voice

The mixed voice is the voice above the chest voice. Here, men are capable of singing higher notes – Trez Songs and Chris Brown, for instance. Even though notes in mixed voice for women are usually higher as compared to chest voice, however, not as powerful as their full voice. The majority of famous female singers do not usually make use of their mixed voice very much.

  • Falsetto

Both women and men have falsetto – even though a lot of women usually do not sing in falsetto. Although the majority of people do not count it as part of their vocal range, however, a falsetto can still be very useful. If you are a man and can’t sing specific notes, then making use of falsetto to reach them can prove to be helpful.

Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown are amongst the male singers who make use of falsetto, whereas Beyonce and Leona Lewis are amongst the female singers who make use of falsetto. Your vocal coach delivering voice classes in Folsom will let you know that falsetto is basically the “false voice” and is what some people refer to as the “girl voice” when referring to male singers.

  • Head Voice

The head voice is fairly unusual amongst both female and male singers, and even rarer in male singers. It is usually less than an octave and notes in the head voice are powerful and high – Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Leona Lewis for instance. Even though men have the capability of singing in head voice, however, usually can’t go beyond its usual range – up to about E6 – at the same time as women have the capability of singing up to about G6 – such as Ariana does.

However, the vocal specialists highly recommend that you do not go beyond it is suggested range – G5 to E6.

  • Whistle Register or Vocal Fry

Vocal fry is very rare in music and usually merely employed in country music. This type of voice is usually just employed by male singers and notes in vocal fry are extremely low. The whistle register is even very rare and for the majority of people, the only singer they are familiar with the one who can sing in whistle is Mariah Carey.

 The majority of people are familiar with very little regarding this type of voice and even though a lot suggest you can’t sing in this type of voice, men in particular, however, as per an experienced vocal instructor delivering voice classes in Folsom, any person can reach this type of voice.


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