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  • 194 Blue Ravine RD #110 Folsom, CA 95630
Mr. D’s Music School is the best music school in Folsom, CA. Our music classes are delivered by professional instructors. Call (916) 467-7400.
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  • 194 Blue Ravine RD #110 Folsom, CA 95630


Mr. D’s Music School in Folsom, CA is one of the top-rated music schools where you can get a variety of music lessons. Our music classes in Folsom include piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, drum, and a More
Added on 31 October 2019
Tips To Recognize Chords By Sight Chords are one of the key things that you to understand while playing the piano. Go through this quick guide to get acquainted with some of the ways to recognize chords by sight.

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Different Types Of Voices - Mr. D's Music School If you are taking voice classes this article will really help you. Go through this quick guide to get to know more about it!

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All About Improving Sound With Essential Singing Techniques There are a variety of techniques that can help improve your sound. Go through this brief guide that will get you acquainted with some of the promising techniques to improve your singing.

Added on 06 September 2019
Adding Articulations, Dynamics & Ornaments To Your Piano Playing Articulations, dynamics and ornaments are three key things that every piano player can consider adding to piano playing. Check out this quick guide to know how these things can help develop piano playing.

Added on 16 August 2019
Why To Take Music Lessons In Summers No doubt you can start taking music lessons at any time of the year. However, check out this brief guide to know what makes music lessons ideal during the summer season.

Added on 14 August 2019
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