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Meraki Essentials is one of the most trustworthy, well-known, experienced, and high rated Essential Oil brands in India. We offer Pure Natural essential oils & Carrier oils for your natural lifestyle. More
Added on 22 September
Meraki's natural Marjoram Essential Oil has a calming & relaxing presence when diffused and is also helpful in soothing muscle soreness, menstruation-related cramps, digestive problems and irritated skin.


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Added on 14 September
The aromatherapy benefits of ylang ylang essential oil are mostly used to alleviate depression, stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Additionally, it helps in lowering blood pressure and improving mood.
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Added on 13 September
Pure Essential Oils by Meraki Essentials

Meraki Essential's pure essential oils like Lavender, Vetiver, Rosemary and Frankincense are some of the best essential oils you can use to make your intentions more powerful.
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Added on 06 September
Frankincense Essential Oil | Meraki Essentials
Pure and natural Frankincense Essential Oil is an immunostimulant by nature and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties that support healthy immunity. It’s also an excellent essential oil to help deepen your meditation practice.
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Added on 30 August
Essential oils are derived from plants and are very concentrated oils. You may either breathe them in or mix them to produce a roll-on that you can use to apply to your skin. Here are the 5 Essential oils for Mental Clarity.

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Added on 23 August
Meraki Essentia's Black Pepper Essential Oil has a warm, spicy, sharp and woody aroma that is known to help increase productivity and instil confidence.
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Added on 19 August
Meraki Essential's Fennel Essential Oil is a great addition to your belly rub oil. Usage after a big meal helps soothe cramps, pain, bloating etc. It is also helpful in soothing PMS cramps.
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Added on 11 August
The most effective use of eucalyptus essential oil is in promoting a sense of harmony between emotions, shadows, and divination. It helps in opening our hearts and minds as well as helping us focus our energies and find a peaceful spot to connect spiritually.

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Added on 02 August
Meraki Essentials offers Lavender Essential Oil for the skin. It has remarkable anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antifungal, and antibacterial characteristics and can treat most skin-related problems, including minor burns, itching, rashes, acne, and other similar issues.


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Added on 27 July
Did you know that everything you apply to your skin seeps in and affects your health? Your skin is tired of the many chemicals and fragrances that your bath products are full of.

Switch to our 100% Pure Plant Based Natural Handmade Soaps to nourish your skin and make your bath time filled with a relaxing aroma.

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