Max-Air provides reliable high pressure breathing air compressors for industrial, scuba compressors, fire service, paintball, law enforcement and more.
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    We also provide custom compressor systems tailored to your needs, air storage solutions, and accessories. Contact Max-Air today for more information. More
    Added on 08 May 2018
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    Added on 08 May 2018
    With decades of experience in high pressure breathing air compressors, fill stations, and air storage, Max-Air is the professional’s choice for durable and reliable breathing air systems.

    Max-Air provides the highest quality high pressure breathing air compressors for purchase. This includes air compressors for scuba diving, paintball, industrial, law enforcement & fire protection air compressors.

    Max-Air understands your need for a reliable and hardworking air compressor specifically when lives are on the line. Our line of portable and high pressure breathing