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American Brand with a Scandinavian design, Pleasing & captivating minimal design to beautify your decor in India. We are now Launched in India !!!!
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American Brand with a Scandinavian design, Pleasing & captivating minimal design to beautify your decor in India. We are now Launched in India !!!! Matliving is a Brand approved by American Homes carrying More


Added on 21 September
10 Tips - A Quick Buyer’s Guide to Rug Size, Shape, Style, and Color matliving.in Rugs aren’t a necessary purchase for your living spaces – you can easily do without them – but your experience will be less snug, cushiony, colorful, and chic. Rugs can definitively pull a room together and even help dampen the sound of footsteps if you have a hard floor. Buying rugs can be a daunting task, especially with the large selection...

Added on 20 September
Carpet/Rugs For Sale matliving.in Mat Living: Best Rugs & Carpets Online India UPTO 70% OFF Shop the Best Quality of Carpets Buy for your Living & Bedrooms. Shop Now for Best Price.

Added on 16 September
How To Choose Carpet Color in 2021 matliving.in Placing a carpet in your home can be one of the most difficult decisions of your home interior because there are so many considerations you need to focus on to find the best carpet for your home. Some of the major considerations are – carpet style, rug material, the pattern of the area rug, quality of the carpet, and last but not the least, the c...

Added on 10 September
Flat Weave matliving.in Buy Flatweave Carpets Online in India: Shop Best Quality of Flatweave Carpets. Flat Weave Rugs made using 100% pure wool with faithful obedience to the Traditions of India's Local Artisans.

Added on 08 September
10 High Traffic Area Rugs for Family Room & Dining Room matliving.in If there's one thing that every room requires, it is a rug! No room is complete without the area rugs, whether you're a home design enthusiast or not. The area rugs add coziness and warmth underfoot to tile, wood, and concrete flooring; they prevent the noise and reduce echoes (two musts for those of us who live in apartments), and they can hide u...

Added on 06 September
A Detailed Room-By-Room Guide to The Rug Sizes For 2021 matliving.in Whether you have a wooden surface or tile flooring, carpets have a ton of viable advantages for your floor, separated from making your living space intriguing and locked in. Rugs add solace, warmth, and the last little detail to your home's decor. Choosing a neutral color carpet for your living room is like buying a pair of shoes to protect your f...

Added on 01 September
How to Clean Leather Area Rugs at Home? matliving.in Quality rugs can add taste and texture to a room, add warmth to the cold floors, and absorb and muffle echoes in sparse living spaces. Leather area rugs can also give the same benefits but are a sizable investment and are considerably more expensive than wool or cotton rugs. Leather area rugs are used as a décor element to add texture and visual i...

Added on 26 August
Top 10 Stylish Rugs Designs that never go out of trend? matliving.in Regardless of the pattern, each area rug style has something distinctive to offer that holds your home decor together. Well-designed rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, so which are the new rug styles 2021? It doesn’t matter if you have wall-to-wall carpets, tiles, or wood flooring, the addition of a stylish carpet from the carp...

Added on 23 August
How to Clean & Care Luxury Handmade Rug at Home! matliving.in If there is one piece of home décor that we believe adds character and a sense of eclectic sophistication to a room, it is the handmade rug.Handmade rugs have a long history, vibrant hues, and significant symbolic and cultural significance. By including those one-of-a-type items into your present-day house, you may upload innovative value to the s...

Added on 19 August
Black/Charcoal matliving.in Buy Charcoal Carpet from Naked Flooring, Mat Living provides the eco-friendly Carpets and Rugs in India. Shop & Order Now Today