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Since its inception, the company quickly occupied the global market by its reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service. The sand washer, sand recycling machines, sludge treatment and dewatering More
Added on 18 June 2019
What are the advantages of the circular vibrating screen? There are many types of vibrating screens. According to the movement track of materials, they can be divided into circular vibrating screens and linear screens. These two types are common screening equipment used in daily production.

Added on 09 May 2019
Method for improving the service life of a filter press To check whether the filter cloth of the filter press is laid on the filter plate. If there is no filter cloth at the edge of the filter plate, it will easily damage the filter plate.

Added on 25 April 2019
How to fix the trommel screen blockage? When the trommel screen is working, it is generally matched with the crusher and the belt conveyor to complete the work. Drum sander also named trommel screen or rotary screen.

Added on 27 January 2019
what is the sand dewatering screen:
Dewatering screen, the main function is dehydration, de-sludge, de-intermediation, can be used for sand washing in sand and gravel plant, coal slurry recovery in coal preparation plant, dry discharge of tailings in mineral processing plant, etc.,

lzzg sand dewatering screen https://www.lzzgmachine.com/products/screening

Added on 24 January 2019
High capacity deep cone thickener LZZG thickener promoted the structure of internal feed tube on the basis of traditional vertical flow sedimentation tank, which greatly increases settling efficiency.

Added on 19 November 2018
Gold tailings flocculation dehydration conditioning agent manufacturing method

The dry tailings discharge system is a new generation of tailings processing equipment developed by LZZG on the basis of tailings dewatering equipment. Its main role is to promote the reuse of tailings, such as mine tailings waste rock, coal gangue, limestone, fly ash, red mud, smelting slag, and other industrial solid waste resources, comprehensive reuse of tailings resources Convert to a new product.https://www.lzzgmachine.com

The gold tailings are wastes discharged after the gold ore
Sand Washing Machine, Dewatering Screen Manufacture-LZZG lzzgmachine.com LZZG is the leading manufacture of screening, wet classification machine, sludge treatment machine, recycling equipment...

Added on 19 November 2018
Dewatering Screens, Vibrating Screen manufacturer | LZZG lzzgmachine.com LZZG dewatering screens are widely applied in dewatering, desliming, degritting, rinsing, scrubbing and washing....

Added on 19 November 2018
LZ Sand Washing and Recycling Machine

LZZG sand washers adopted advanced technology of high efficient sand washing according to practical conditions of sand industries to meet the actual requirements of users. LZZG combined wheel sand washing machine with characteristics of sand recycling plant, making a compact multiple function sand washer.
Sand washer type: bucket type, single or double bucket
Screening sieve: PU screening sieve
Usage: It is widely used for the washing, screening, recycling and dewatering of fine sand above 0.16, especially recycling the

Added on 19 November 2018
Mud purification system is a system for outputting the mud water formed by soiled sand during piling construction and separating into the sand and recyclable mud.
Mud purification system | LZZG lzzgmachine.com Mud purification machine is a system for outputing the mud water formed by soiled sand during piling construction and separating into sand and recyclable mud. T...