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    Added on 19 July
    Time travel back to the ancient times while visiting the majestic Egypt and Kingdom of Jordan. ⁠✨🕌

    Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when planning a vacation to Egypt and Jordan Getaway 🐪:⁠

    Jordan⁠ 🇯🇴

    1. The best times to visit Jordan are from March to May (spring) or from September to November(fall).⁠

    2. The Kingdom of Jordan is a relatively small country. A week is more than enough time to be be able to visit its major attractions. ⁠

    3. If you have enough time we suggest visiting a neighboring country! There are a few countries close to Jordan that make for a good travel destination to add to your trip! We usually love visiting Egypt and Jordan together!⁠

    Egypt⁠ 🇪🇬

    1. The best times to visit Egypt is between October and April as you won't have to worry about the weather. ⁠

    2. ⁠There is more to see than the Pyramids! Of course you should visit the Pyramids of Giza but make sure to make time to visit other great attractions and archaeological sites!

    3. Although the official language is Arabic, you won't have a problem getting around as many people speak English in the major cities/attractions.⁠
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