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Time travel back to the ancient times while visiting the majestic Egypt and Kingdom of Jordan. ⁠✨🕌

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when planning a vacation to Egypt and Jordan Getaway 🐪:⁠

Jordan⁠ 🇯🇴

1. The best times to visit Jordan are from March to May (spring) or from September to November(fall).⁠

2. The Kingdom of Jordan is a relatively small country. A week is more than enough time to be be able to visit its major attractions. ⁠

3. If

Egypt Online Tour
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Egypt Online Tour
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Genuine Attestation Services
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Egypt is a remarkable country in the world and has been known for its century old history and glorious landscapes that is just eye-catching. To visit the country Indian people need to get attested copy of their documents from the Egypt Embassy Attestation centre, else choose Genuine Attestation Services to do on behalf of you.

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#Alexandria also known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean is picturesque and is also the second largest city of #Egypt. https://goo.gl/JB1hHM

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