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Locus Rags is a multinational information technology company with interest in various areas like graphic and web designing services, financial accounting solution software tools, software development, online educational assistance, mobile application and web designs, tours and travel, corporate transportation etc. Locus Rags was started in the year 2010 and was started as a start-up with a small office in Delhi and gradually opened 6 offices in India and two offices which are located in UK and Australia. We have a team of professionals consists of 320 highly skilled manpower who guarantee quality, professionalism and reliability on their work. The 24 hour services are provided by us to our customers. Our products provide services to the customers which are:
• TheDesignTrip: TheDesignTrip is the company which provides best and highly professional web and graphic designing services to our clients. Our wide range of services includes graphic design, logo design, branding, marketing services, web design and printing.
• BTHAWK: BTHAWK is the best accounting software which provides all types of accounting solution like invoice generation, stock management, sales tracking, GST compliance, DSR management, receipt generation, collection management, collection reporting, etc.
• Apps Bazar: AppsBazar is mobile application builder platform.