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    Added on 23 October 2019


    23 October 2019

    Artificial Intelligence is something that has been now embraced in every application or machine, every work process in every industry. It is considered as the best gift of technology for humans. Talking about AI trends, the change in it gets noticed every year and companies are more passionate to use it in other fields along with the technology sector.

    Let’s discuss some of the best AI trends of 2019 in detail.

    Best AI trends for 2019

    • AI Chips

    The evolution of AI-based chips is one of the latest trends of Artificial Intelligence. The median CPU we have today does not support the AI model due to which AI-enabled chips are being assimilated independently into CPU. This makes them function like an artificially intelligent machine. These chips speed-up the execution of AI-based applications and were especially enhanced for cases related to computer vision or speech recognition.

    • Facial Recognition 

    We all are familiar with this concept! It is one of the biggest advancements in the AI industry which has unrolled the assets of future trends of AI. The concept of recognizing a human image with the help of digital formatted patterns is the trending in the AI industry. This trending technology has its main application in biometric identification. Apart from this, medical and healthcare industries are also on their way to include facial recognition in their fields.  

    • Automated Machine Learning 
      Support learning is the next big thing in AI! It is an approach of machine learning and technically defined as a framework that does not use data recognition techniques. It rather uses experience-driven decision making. Considering in terms of AI trends, it is a dynamic learning programming that works for algorithm based on the system of premiums & retributions.

    The latest trends of Artificial Intelligence are the future of tomorrow. It is believed that AI will soon become an intrinsic part of our lives in a few years from now.  The future of AI is more scopic from the benefits of AI we are getting in the present era.

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