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Added on 19 October 2019
Guide With Dumbbells For Beginners Dumbbell exercises are mainly done for strengthening the major muscle groups in our body. The main purpose of the various dumbbell workouts is to strengthen the muscles and tone them while making the body stable and balanced in every manner.

Added on 12 October 2019
Fitness Regime To Follow In The Gym After Pregnancy Exercise after pregnancy is just as important as it was before pregnancy. Exercise can help you to recover your health faster after the birth of your child.

Added on 06 October 2019
8 Myths Regarding Gym Training There is no shortcut for getting a perfect body shape with managed weight. Proper diet, hard work, and keeping your brain in rest for at least 8 to 9 hours in a day is essential.

Added on 29 September 2019
Keto Diet And Exercises For Keto Diet The keto diet is low carb as well as high-fat contained diet having many health benefits.

Added on 21 September 2019
Traditional Cardio vs. Metabolic Resistance training When we think about fitness goals, there is only one and strict rule for everyone. Whether it is cardio or metabolic resistance, both have their benefits.

Added on 14 September 2019
Just Squatting vs. Corrective Exercising There are many forms of exercises. Each has its consequences apart from residual fitness it provides during use. Many people believe in isolated exercises to build a weaker part of the body active.

Added on 07 September 2019
Is plank at all effective? Plank exercises help to strengthen the different body parts, especially the muscles of the legs as a result of which the body stability increases. This also helps to improve the balance if the body.

Added on 01 September 2019
Best foot exercises for all Ages Your legs and other parts of the lower portion of the body is always working out. Thus, you need to relax. It is essential to exercise your foot and toes because these parts of the body balance all the body weight.

Added on 25 August 2019
How to cool down after work out? The workout is very strenuous and energy taking. After doing work out, you should immediately cool down yourself.

Added on 04 August 2019
Burn fat faster with these tips A slim and fit body can be achieved by persistent hard work, a healthy diet and good night sleep. One can hit the gym for cardio and floor exercises or even start with a simple thing like walking, jogging.