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Added on 13 October 2022
Crystex HS OT 20 is an unblooming vulcanizing agent suitable for making unsaturated rubbers. It reduces the risk of bin scorch, stops sulfur from moving and helps preserve its surface tack.

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Added on 15 July 2022
Insoluble sulfur is the favored relieving specialists for most elastic businesses. Insoluble sulfur can be put away with oils to decrease chance of change. This considers the consolidation of relieving specialists in elastic mixtures. Naphthenic oils perform better since they can wet the sulfur particles. This guarantees better dispersion and solidness.

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Added on 11 July 2022
Insoluble sulfur can stop rubber from blooming during storage. This allows rubber to retain its uniform characteristics. It has the advantage of improving the quality and durability of tires.

Visit for more info- https://www.occlindia.com/our-products/
Manufacturing The Widest Range Of Insoluble Sulphur and Pre dispersed Insoluble sulfur occlindia.com Providing high-grade Insoluble sulfur to the tire and rubber industry. We produce a wide range of this vulcanizing agent in both powder and masterbatch. We also...