Profitx is smart sales follow-up system for smart business owner who are interested to convert more sales without messing up with sales followups.
    • Profitx-Smart sales Follow-up System for smart Business Ow
    Added on 11 December 2017
    Smart Sales Follow up system for YOUR Business youtube.com Visit to Our site @ - http://profitx.in/ What is profitX? It is an alternative to diary, Excel & bulky crm's. Login & never miss your business deal again. On...

    Added on 11 December 2017
    What is Profitx?
    1.It is an alternative to diary , Excel & bulky crm's.
    2.Login & never miss your business deal again.
    3.On your finger tips know which marketing channel is bringing you more leads.
    4.Don’t waste you time to generate reports manually in excel, Receive daily sales report in your inbox at the end of the day.

    Why YOU need it?
    1.Never Miss your business deal again.
    2.Receive Daily sales Reports in your inbox.
    3.Know Which marketing channel brings your business leads.
    4.Get smart reminders for every follow-up.
    Sales Follow-up and Lead Management System | ProfitX profitx.in ProfitX is the best alternative to excel and bulky CRM systems to manage your leads effectively and sell more.