Kothari Medical Centre

    Kothari Medical Centre Eastern India's premier ultramodern, tertiary care hospital situated in Kolkata, is recognized nationally and internationally.
    • Multispecialty, Super Speciality Hospital in Kolkata
    Added on 13 July 2018
    Patient Safety and health care worker safety is an issue of global concern, which is sometimes missed due to the complexity of the healthcare systems and accidentally. There is an increasing concern for the health care organizations around the world have lately been observed to pay more attention to the importance of establishing culture of safety.

    To achieve a culture of safety, Kothari Medical Centre has introduced the project, "Comprehensive patient Safety & Health Care Workers' Safety". The prime objective of the projects is to create awareness and engage with all "Health Care Workers" in an interactive manner to help them retain the various factors and subsequent consequences associated with Noscomial infection & Sharp injuries.

    And Kothari Medical Centre is the first hospital in Kolkata to introduce such a program. #Hospital #Kolkata

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