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Added on 19 October 2019

Guide With Dumbbells For Beginners

19 October 2019

Dumbbell exercises are mainly done for strengthening the major muscle groups in our body. The main purpose of the various dumbbell workouts is to strengthen the muscles and tone them while making the body stable and balanced in every manner.


Dumbbell exercises are also good for stretching of the muscle tissues in a way that the blood flows smoothly through the muscles and also ensures a proper heart rate. However, the dumbbell exercises must be done with care if you are a beginner and are new with the usage of dumbbells for muscle exercises.

Types Of Dumbbell Exercises For Beginners


The following dumbbell exercises are meant for beginners:


  • Dumbbell Press Ups: To do dumbbell press-ups, you need to stand while holding one dumbbell in each hand with the overhand grip and the palm forwards. Make sure that the elbows lie in the front and do not flare to the sides. Then press the dumbbell weights up above your head and extend the arms fully. Then slowly return to the starting posture and repeat.

  • Dumbbell Squat: To do dumbbell squats, hold a dumbbell in each hand and position the legs at a distance of shoulder-width from each other. Then, while keeping your back and head straight, squat until each dumbbell reaches about 1 inch above the floor. Make sure to keep the chest out and do not arch or lean while dropping down.

  • Lateral Raise: Stand while holding one light dumbbell in each hand. Then slowly lift each dumbbell to the sides at the same time, to the shoulder height. Do not raise the dumbbells any higher. Pause at the top for about a second and then slowly lower the dumbbells back to the sides. Then you can repeat the process.


Dumbbell exercises are meant to keep the muscles strong. Beginners can do dumbbell exercises at home with ease but one thing should always be taken care of, never increase the weights too much at the beginning and make sure to do the exercises slowly to get proper results.

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