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Let's work on the brighter side of the construction industry ! BIM it is. The world is growing fast with digital technology with Building Information Modelling with updated software. Working at a reputed More
Added on 13 September 2022
One of the most refined concert halls in the world, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in #LosAngeles, #California provides both an acoustic and visual experience. Delay in the project completion caused many economic problems for the county of LA. They expected to repay the garage debts by revenue arriving from the Disney Hall parking users.


Added on 02 August 2022
Did you know few facts about BIM ?
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Added on 20 July 2022
Prefabrication consists of manufacturing and building components offsite, and then transporting them to the construction site for installation. These assemblies are known as prefabricated MEP modules. We provided fully coordinated, clash-free MEP Prefabrication models. Designs and Models matching world-class engineering can be produced using different BIM tools and clash detection services. https://marsbiminternational.com/mep/prefabricated-mep-drawings.html

Added on 16 July 2022
4D BIM is also known as Construction Scheduling Services. It's a method for the intelligent linking of a 3D digital model with time or schedule-related information. 4D simulation can relate to the actual progress. It helps to evaluate the delays and differences also creates perfect synchronization of construction planning and Design. looking for 4D BIM Services? Talk with our experts today!

Added on 14 July 2022
We provide Architectural BIM services for different type of building such as, airports, railway & bus stations, infrastructure, residential, commercial, hospitals, industrial and production plants, and many more. Our team is well versed in diverse LOD specifications across the world. Connect us now for your next architectural BIM project we are here to provide all kind of architectural BIM services across USA.visit your website for more details. https://marsbiminternational.com/architectural/architectural-bim.html

Added on 13 July 2022
Our results are accurate and cost-saving which adds value to the overall infrastructure design plan. We have experience in achieving successful projects in core areas of infrastructure such as health, communication, education, and power facilities. We offer design services for all types of infrastructures. It continues by reducing risks and developing innovative and cost-effective solutions that are adequate. https://marsbiminternational.com/design/infrastructure-design.html

Added on 07 July 2022
The production of complex projects and drawings for steel fabricators and erectors is called steel detailing. These drawings help the erectors know where and how to pitch the fabricated steel components at the site. A steel detailer also renders the layout instructions to enable the installation and erection of the steel framework. MaRS provides steel detailing services across USA connect us now by dropping a query on the website.

Added on 06 July 2022
Elements that are developed during the process of building a virtual construction model are known as 'BIM components'.Revit Families are the definition and reader of all the elements that we can insert into a project, both in 2D and 3D. We provide services in the development of BIM and Revit family. connect us for all kinds of BIM services.https://marsbiminternational.com/bim/revit-family-creation.html

Added on 04 July 2022
Rebar means reinforcing steel. To improve the quality of the bond with the concrete, the surface of rebar is often patterned. a steel bar used as a strain device in reinforced concrete and supported masonry structures to support and aid the concrete under tension. MaRS offers Rebar Detailing Services across USA. connect us now get more BIM services. #BIM #steel #rebar #services #bond #concrete #cement #structure #construction #detalling #international #offers #connect #architecutral #civil #engineering #mep #aec #industry #follow https://marsbiminternational.com/structural/rebar-detailing.html

Added on 01 July 2022
Roadway engineering and design services solutions across the world.Our services cater for all kinds of road networks be it primary, secondary, tertiary, urban, rural, interstate, highways, expressways and many more. Road infrastructure needs Understanding of the environmental scenario with our experts in BIM The designs are made to have the ultimate quality and minimise risk factors. https://marsbiminternational.com/design/roadway-engineering-and-design.html