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Kimre is an air cleaning product manufacturer for various industries where air contaminants are formed as by-products.
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  • 744 SW 1st Street, Homestead, Florida 33030 USA


Kimre is an air cleaning product manufacturer for various industries where air contaminants are formed as by-products. Kimre provides the design and implementation of innovative and state-of-the-art technologies More
Added on 09 February 2021
Scrubbers in the Fertilizer Industry
The fertilizer industry calls for different chemical process to manufacture different products. These processes generate gases and particulate matter during the process.
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Added on 29 December 2020
Fiber Bed Filtration – Not all Filters are designed the Same
Kimre offers a complete line of new and repacked Fiber Bed Filters mist collector systems that can meet the most challenging mist elimination needs.

Added on 19 October 2020
The packed tower scrubber will consist of internals, such as tower packing, which is not easy to access after startup, and therefore may be arguably the most important piece of process equipment. If the internals malfunction, the entire process will suffer consequences that can be costly as well as lead to fines and shutdown. Overall, tower packing is key to optimal tower performance.

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Added on 15 September 2020
The process of milling, turning, grinding, and drilling will generate oil mist. If not contained, oil mist will take a toll on your employees and the environment. Luckily, there are effective and affordable solutions to the “oil mist” problem. To protect your employees and equipment, invest in a company that specializes in designing and engineering mist elimination filters.

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Added on 13 August 2020
With pollution on the rise, the need to abate harmful contaminants and stay in compliance with the Clean Air Act is of upmost importance. For this reason, companies are turning to experienced vendors that focus on air pollution control technologies to help keep them in compliance. While there are many viable options, many times, a wet scrubber fitted with quality mist eliminators will be suggested as a safe and effective way to remove pollutants and odors from exhaust streams.

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Added on 23 April 2020
Filtration efforts to mitigate these pollutants are in the form of mist elimination pads or filters. Industries that produce products or chemicals utilize engineering companies to design and sometimes fabricate mist eliminators for their small- or large-scale scrubber systems and vessels.
Properly Designed Mist Eliminators Help to Keep Pulmonary Disease at Bay kimre.com Mist Elimination pads are designed to combat pollution and will mitigate the situation if designed properly. However, if designed faulty they will leak.

Added on 20 February 2020
The importance of carrying out this practice should be applied to a project of any size. When retrofitting or supplying internals such as mist eliminators or fiber bed filters, cages, piping, gaskets, nozzles, etc.

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Added on 23 January 2020
The Basics of a Fiber Bed Filter - Kimre Inc.

Fiber bed mist eliminators have a long filter life and are custom designed. They can be repacked making them a very cost-effective solution. Fiber bed filters have a high removal performance efficiency rate, as high as 99.9 %. Read More:- https://bit.ly/2Ri6DzF