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Kent Dental Works is one of the Dental Clinics in South Buona Vista. Our Dentists based Singapore,
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Added on 13 November
Root Canal Treatment Singapore - Kent Dental Works

Root canal treatments are not painful as you believe, and the root canal treatment took long in earlier days, but with advanced technology, the treatment is more straightforward. So how many treatment sittings are required for this treatment and how complicated is this procedure. Your dentist can help you with the above questions based on the examination of your teeth and the treatment varies according to the dentist. The maximum visit for the

Added on 11 November
Dentist Singapore - Kent Dental Works

If you have had a tooth extraction done recently by a dentist in Singapore, your dentist would have advised the methods needed after the extraction. If you plan for a tooth extraction, it is good to know the do's and don'ts after tooth extraction. Aftercare is definitely required to heal your teeth properly. After having a tooth extraction, the first thing you need to do is not eat or drink immediately; it would take some
Dentist in Singapore | Kent Dental Clinic in South Buona Vista kentdentalworks.com Professional whitening treatments offer significantly better results than any over-the-counter kits you can purchase from the store.

Added on 20 October
Avoid Foods After Wisdom Tooth Surgery - Kent Dental Works

What are the foods you can take after your wisdom tooth surgery? Most of you must have this question before you go in for wisdom tooth surgery.

After your surgery, you need to avoid chewy, hard foods. Here is a quick guide for the foods you can have. Your dentist recommends the removal of a wisdom tooth only if it is impacted and causes issues; after your tooth removal, you will be