KCB Bank

    KCB Bank Kenya offers a wide range of personal finance products like Savings Accounts, Current Account, Home Loan, Personal Loans, Education Loans, Agriculture
    Added on 25 June 2020
    Internet Banking
    Trust our online banking solution to make simple and secure transactions from anywhere, at any time. For more details Visit:

    Added on 09 January 2018
    Agent Banking
    KCB Agent banking is an alternative channel to improve banking services accessibility and focus on the unbanked population through the agents to deliver certain financial services.

    Added on 09 January 2018
    KCB Mobile Banking
    KCB Mobi is a robust and innovative mobile banking platform which offers customers not only an account but also a means of interacting with the bank through KCB Mobil banking.

    Added on 09 January 2018
    Kcb Bank ATM
    KCB Bank Group has the widest network of ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) in East Africa, with over 454ATMs and having partnerships with Kenswitch and PesaPoint ATMs.

    Added on 26 December 2017
    LPO Financing
    We offer you financing against a local purchase order from any reputable organization to enable you to deliver the goods / services.

    Added on 26 December 2017
    Invoice Discounting
    This unique solution offers you financial backing against issued invoices, while you await payment.

    Added on 26 December 2017
    Overdraft Facilities
    We offer fantastic overdraft facilities to extend your credit and enable you drive business growth.

    Added on 26 December 2017
    School Current Accounts
    A charge free account tailored to meet the needs for learning institutions seeking a collection account for school fees.

    Added on 13 November 2017
    Business Privilege
    KCB business privilege current account is specially designed for heavy transaction businesses and gives you an unlimited access to cheque book leafs, at a fixed monthly fee

    Added on 13 November 2017
    Boda Boda Tuk Tuk Loan
    KCB Bank offers loan to purchase of Boda Bodas (motorcycles) and Tuk Tuks with comprehensive insurance and fee charges of 3% of the loan amount.