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    Jomtien Dive Center offers one of the best locations for anyone seeking a perfect scuba diving experience.Learn how to dive and snorkel in Pattaya, Experience.
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    Added on 06 March 2018
    Jomtien Dive Center is the only real diving center for deep and #wreck #diving courses in #Pattaya, the dive site of the HTMS Khram near island in Thailand, will surprise you with its rich marine life! To know more visit>> https://goo.gl/MkSB4e

    Added on 28 February 2018
    Join our #Technical #Diving trips to Near and Far islands or #Pattaya and in Phuket area where we have the only wreck diving in Thailand with all Technical equipment. To know more visit>> https://goo.gl/8KGNNe

    Added on 22 February 2018
    If you are not a certified diver yet and never dived before, but want to experience #Scuba #Diving In #Pattaya #Thailand for the first time, please visit Jomtien Dive Center. To know more visit>> https://goo.gl/KqoNiC

    Added on 19 February 2018
    #Technical #Diving #Pattaya offered by PADI Jomtien Dive Center with all techniques and procedures necessary for diving beyond recreational dive limits. For more visit>> https://goo.gl/YsUxyU

    Added on 09 February 2018
    Come and join two days short PADI SCUBA Diving Course and get Certificate that will be valid for professional diving in the whole world. For more visit>> https://goo.gl/H7fQBQ

    Added on 05 February 2018
    Jomtien Dive Center offers Technical Diving Pattaya.so what are you waiting for? Come and join us TODAY for a great day Technical Diving exploring the fascinating aquatic life with us. For more visit>> https://goo.gl/z2A6d3

    Added on 31 January 2018
    Scuba Diving In Pattaya and Thailand by extension offer one of the best locations for anyone seeking a perfect scuba diving experience. Visit our website to know more>> https://goo.gl/kSERNo

    Added on 03 January 2018
    Great Pattaya Wreck Diving on some Pattaya wrecks. Our wrecks dives include the Hardeep, the HTMS khram Wreck Dives, HTMS Mataphon and the Kut. These all are also training sites for Deep PADI and Specialty Wreck Dives. For more>> https://goo.gl/PAXXR9

    Added on 28 December 2017
    Technical Diving in Pattaya- Dive deeper and longer than you never speculate with the Jomtien Dive Center. You have a chance to see things you never saw on any recreational dive. For more>> https://goo.gl/JqM51J

    Added on 21 December 2017
    If you are enjoying your holidays in Pattaya, exploring its underwater world is a must-do. Jomtien Dive Center offers you a best Snorkeling Pattaya Price & Scuba Diving tour to Pattaya's most beautiful coral & fish islands. https://goo.gl/VRkRy5