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    We always send the matches on time. Every day you will receive the matches on your Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber. You will receive the bets for 24 hours before the games start. You will have enough time to make your bets even if you are at work, at home or on the road. We are here 24/7 for you! -The policy of our team is not to lose our customers but to maintain them in future. When we give a wrong advice twice we guarantee free tip. Different information is circulating in public about fixed matches. Every day we have info about fixed matches, but not all of them are real and we need to confirm that info from several sources before we publish a specific match. Sometimes, we have info about fixed matches where three or more teams are included in the story, to share points in that round. We are here to make a vise decision does the information is real or fake. After we confirm the information we have safe fixed matches for the current day. Yesterday we won everything that we shared with our customers and today is another winning day! We have come up with 10 games sure multi-bet that will earn you more8230 Football betting predictions from our site are only propositions. We do not take responsibility for using these predictions. Monthly subscription These are the stories making the headlines in the Star. Τhe new plan is no plan. Men standing, solemnly, in a place. Covering the spaces, and then the spaces in between the spaces. Block, buffer, deny everything. You didn’t get... Written by Tipsbet on January 5, 2024. Posted in Daily Sports Predictions Notice: You are viewing our new website theme. Gradually, all our pages will be updated to use this new theme. Stay tuned for more updates! If you like myBet.Tips. Help us keep it running! Betting on football point spreads is the most popular way of laying NFL and NBA bets. It evens the playing field for bettors, giving similar odds to both the favorite and underdog. Learning what a point spread is, how to read a point spread is, and how to formulate a gameplan on point spread picks increases your chances of success and profit. Total Points: This is the total number of points in a game. For example, Spreadex may offer a spread of 230-234. If you think there would be more than 234 runs scored you would buy at that price if you think there would be fewer than 230 runs, you would sell. Team Points: This is the total number of points scored by an individual team across a match. Quarter/Half Points: Spreadex also offers prices on the number of points in an individual quarter or half, be it Team or Total Points.