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    For most, leasing in New Jersey is not as simple as showing up to the lot and picking out a car. So many other considerations go into your leasing decision. How much can I get for my appraisal? What do I do about lease returns? Can I sell my car in NJ? When you come to NJ Car Lease, we want to make sure you have every answer you need and none of the hassle you don’t.
    The good news is, there are plenty of ways to avoid penalties or reduce the impact of an early or late lease return. Tactics like transferring your lease to another driver can completely negate fees and help you get your lease taken care of. There are also more complex strategies like buying out your lease and selling independently or with our team’s support. Don’t make the mistake of facing fees or complications just because you aren’t aware of the options available to you. Contact our team of leasing experts who will happily help you get a better deal on your NYC or New Jersey lease return.
    What is your current car worth? That is a simple question to ask and unfortunately often a difficult answer to get. At NYC Car Lease, we think you should be able to know exactly what kind of asset you have in your possession long before you make the decision to buy or lease a new car. To help you better prepare for your next step in leasing, we offer full-scale trade in appraisals for all New York or New Jersey vehicles.