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Are you looking for In vitro toxicity testing services? IONTOX is a biotechnology company known for providing expertise in the area of in vitro toxicology.
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IONTOX is a biotechnology company founded in 2014 dedicated to providing expertise in the area of in vitro toxicology, with a mission to build improved methods for predicting human adverse effects from More
Added on 20 October 2021
Top Quality Methods Of Cytotoxicity Screening | IONTOX

Cytotoxicity screening measures cell death or cell viability. It is used to give researchers critical insight into potential adverse effects due to cell death before entering more costly in vivo studies. IONTOX is a contract research organization that provides gold standard cytotoxicity screening services and high-quality in vitro data. To learn more about IONTOX’s cytotoxicity screening services, contact us today!


Added on 23 August 2021
In Vitro Toxicology Testing Services By IONTOX

IONTOX offers advanced in vitro toxicology testing. From our headquarters in Kalamazoo Michigan we serve a global client base in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, medical device, tobacco, and food additive industries. IONTOX offers biological assays and cell-based testing methods for safety testing. For more information, visit our website.



Added on 27 July 2021
Find Best In Vitro ADME Services In The US


ADME is Design to understand the chemical process, how it reacts in living organisms. This valuable data is used for biological screening by medical doctors, in order to select the compound for the progression and testing on drug candidate with safety measurements. We offer complete ADME testing at affordable rates. Our expert scientists are ready to assess the client for their project. For more queries, please visit the website!