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Itybity Baby Boutique provides safe functional style for mom and baby. Offering custom designer teething necklaces, pacifier clips, teethers, and bibs.
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Added on 03 May 2019
Buy #Mia #Teething #Designer #Necklace at Itybity

Mia Teething Designer necklace for mom, perfect for baby. Makes the teething process so much easier and stylish! Every necklace at Itybity is handmade with care. We strive to provide the highest quality teething necklaces for moms.
Learn more: https://www.itybity.com/product/mia-teething-necklace

Added on 26 April 2019
#Carrie_Teething_Necklace - Designer Necklace for Mom

Loving the versatile color combination of a basic black and white paired with our new gray marble in the Carrie Teething Necklace! Designer necklace for mom, perfect for baby. Makes the teething process so much easier and stylish!
Learn more: https://www.itybity.com/product/carrie-teething-necklace

Added on 23 April 2019
Trista Teething Necklace | Itybity

The Trista Teething Necklace is named after a dear friend and amazing momma! This necklace pairs perfectly with our custom Warm Gray teething beads matched with a white and pearl. This nursing teething necklace can be dressed up or down with the simple yet elegant bead combination. https://www.itybity.com/product/trista-teething-necklace

Added on 17 April 2019
Buy Jadyn Teething Necklace at Itybity

One stop online store for your teething baby. Shop Jadyn teething necklace for kids from an exclusive range. Itybity has the best quality teething products for your kids like teething necklace, bracelets and beads. Buy only the genuine products from Itybity.com today.
Visit for more: https://www.itybity.com/product/jadyn-teething-necklace

Added on 05 April 2019
Buy #Stephanie #Teething #Necklace

From our newest teething necklace collection, the Stephanie. This silicone beaded teething necklace is super trendy and versatile with the mint and gray color combination.
View details: https://www.itybity.com/product/stephanie-teething-necklace

Added on 27 March 2019
Best Quality #Teething_Toys at Itybity

Shop for baby #teething #toys online at Itybity, An online store for all your baby needs. Free shipping on all U.S. Orders. Take a look at some of our favorite teething toys. Click to View: https://www.itybity.com/product-category/teething-toys

Added on 19 March 2019
Best Baby Bibs for Sale at Itybity

If you have a baby in your house, find great deals on Itybity for baby Bibs. At Itybity we carry stylish and functional baby products like #Teething_Necklaces, #pacifier_clips and #bibs for boys and girls.
Visit: https://www.itybity.com/product-category/bibs

Added on 14 March 2019
Shop Best Quality Pacifier Clips & Holders

Find great deals on #Itybity for best #Pacifier_Clip in Baby #Pacifier_Holders and #Clips. Available in a range of gorgeous shades, our popular pacifier clip is designed to keep pacifiers, teething rings or toys close at hand.
Visit: https://www.itybity.com/product-category/pacifier-clips

Added on 28 February 2019
Visit #Itybity online store for best quality #teething_necklaces for babies, mom, teens, etc. at the very lower prices. Our products include necklaces, Pacifier Clips, Bibs, Teething Toys etc. in different sizes and designs for everyone. Visit: https://www.itybity.com/product-category/teething-necklaces

Added on 27 February 2019
When it comes to talk about teething, Itybity is the best online store for teething necklaces and bracelets in United States. Visit Itybity for the best teething products for babies, mom, teens, etc. We have the widest range of teething necklaces and bracelets at the best prices for everyone.
Teething Toys | Pacifier Clips | Teething Necklaces itybity.com BPA free, safe, and functional teething toys, pacifier clips, and teething necklaces.