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Shared on 04 July 2022
Website: https://leelajay.com/azure-training
Call: 088825 09252
#Azure Online Live Training - with Microsoft #Azure_Certification - from #Microsoft Certified Partner
32 Hours live instructor-led training weekend/Weekdays batches
Real-time lab access on Microsoft Pass lab, Microsoft azure Exam voucher included all only at 7500 INR. To know more enquire now!

Shared on 30 June 2022
Website: https://leelajayitms.com/it-facility-management-services.php
Leelajay Info Solutions offers facility management services on-time and manpower-based support models. We specialize to provide remote management support and cost-effective methods to manage as well as protect enterprise networks, systems, and applications.
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Added on 20 June 2022
Website: https://leelajayitms.com
With our Information Technology (IT) consulting services, we can help you develop and execute a clear and strategic IT roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to business goals.
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Added on 07 June 2022
Website: https://leelajayitms.com
Our IT audit services provide an independent and objective review of an organization’s IT infrastructure, control configuration, and regulatory compliance through in-depth testing and expert analysis.


Added on 02 June 2022
Website:- https://leelajayitms.com/
Our IT facility management services have been designed to ensure smooth delivery of services to allow clients to focus on their core business thereby reducing operational costs by outsourcing basic as well as advanced facility management tasks from a trusted source, like us.
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Added on 01 June 2022
Website: https://leelajayitms.comManaged service providers step in to help enterprises manage the zumvu.com Website: https://leelajayitms.comManaged service providers step in to help enterprises manage the cloud. Cloud vendors today are a far cry from their ancestor...

Added on 31 May 2022
Network management services includes network maintenance, monitoring of attached network devices, monthly status reporting, implementation of upgrades/patches and user administration. These combined services help you capture an overall picture of your network performance, and allow a network professional to optimize operations. To grab all these services just follow https://www.leelajayitms.com #managednetworkservice #leelajaytechnologies #leelajay #NetworkServices #MNS

Added on 30 May 2022
There exist many benefits of managed network services which makes a valuable investment for your companies. Managed network services enable you to reduce the cost of managing network resources. It also minimizes downtime with Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). Grab all these services by Leelajay, by just following the link https://www.leelajayitms.com
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Added on 27 May 2022
Managed WAN has become a vital component in every IT leader’s armory. Managed network services cover the features and functionality carriers offer in their wide area networks (WAN) and at the customer point of demarcation. To grab these services just follow the link https://www.leelajayitms.com
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Added on 23 May 2022
Managed cloud services are the partial or complete management and control of a client's cloud platform, including migration, maintenance and optimization. Cost savings, Future-proofed technology, robust infrastructure, Disaster recovery, Vendor interfacings are few benefits that you can grab by clicking on the link https://www.leelajayitms.com
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