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    IO Collective is the handcrafted jewelry collection by California-native Jenifer Thai. I use gemstones and metals to create jewelry that conveys a story - often a client's - whether it is an engagement More


    Added on 04 September
    If you are looking for stylish and affordable stacked engagement or wedding rings, or if you are looking to upgrade your current rings, then IO Collective is the place to be! We offer a wide variety of unique handcrafted settings and sizing options that can be made as custom designs. Each ring is crafted with the utmost care and attention, so that it will fit your finger perfectly, and look amazing on your hand. To buy an engagement ring at

    Added on 14 August
    In terms of engagement and wedding rings, IO Collective is the world's largest diamond jeweler online. There will be lower markups and a higher level of quality in fine jewelry. To help you choose the perfect engagement ring for you, our experts have selected a few popular styles and some classics. To buy a diamond engagement ring online, visit our website.
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    Added on 06 August
    Welcome to the best online jewelry store around: IO Collective! Browse our large selection of diamond and gold wedding bands for men and women at the best price. Start your online search for the perfect wedding bands here, whether they are gold or diamonds. Visit our website to buy diamond wedding bands.
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    Buy Wedding Bands for Men and Women - IO Collective iocollective.co IO Collective offers a variety of wedding bands for men and women. Each stunning band is handcrafted to the highest standards that feature classic and unique styles.

    Added on 30 July
    A lot of people think that designing custom engagement rings online is difficult. If you've been considering buying an engagement ring online, I would recommend visiting IO Collective. If you cannot find the design you like in our jewelry store, do not get frustrated. We can create custom engagement rings online using your ideas. Visit our website to buy your engagement ring online.
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    Added on 24 July
    The idea of a unique gold engagement ring is appealing to us. It's somewhat like a blank canvas that allows a bold and unique design to stand out. For unique engagement rings for women, the IO Collective Jewelry store is the best place to go. Browse our collection of stacked diamond engagement rings and wedding bands and find out what makes them unique. Buy unique engagement rings for women on our website.
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    Added on 17 July
    IO Collective is the world's leading diamond jeweler online for engagement rings and wedding bands. You can create your own custom engagement ring online in 3 easy steps. All you need to do is pick a diamond and choose a setting for your custom engagement ring, and we'll do the rest. Visit our website to buy a custom engagement ring online.
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    Added on 03 July
    At IO Collective, you'll find a wide selection of wedding bands for men and women. We offer the finest platinum, gold, and contemporary metals for men's and women's wedding bands. Our bands are handcrafted to the highest standards using fine diamonds or colorful gemstones. Visit our website for more information.
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    Added on 16 June
    Buying an engagement ring is already a challenging task, let alone doing it online. But you can visit IO Collective, and you can view our alternative engagement rings that are just as impressive and unique. If you can't find what you want on the website, we can create a custom design from a concept. Visit our website to shop engagement rings online now!
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    Added on 11 June
    For engagement rings, diamonds have long been the obvious choice, but other gemstones are becoming increasingly popular among brides-to-be. Alternative engagement rings offer a pop of color and value that's becoming increasingly popular. Get a beautiful look at any occasion with Unique Gemstone Jewelry from IO Collective at an affordable price.
    Unique Gemstone Jewelry | IO Collective iocollective.co Be remarkable and make your jewelry as unique asyou are. Create a beautiful piece of jewelry fromethically sourced precious and semi-preciousgemstones.

    Added on 05 June
    At IO Collective, we help men find wedding bands that are affordable and fit their personalities. We offer a collection of diamond wedding bands made of conflict-free natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds with 100% recycled precious metals. Please visit our website to buy men's wedding bands online.
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