Arina Golosovskaya

    Added on 03 April 2018
    At the moment there is no shortage of #companies to #develop a #mobile #application, but how to choose the right company, how to save your money and time while maintaining the quality of the work done? I advise you to read the information on calculating the cost to develop mobile app
    How much does it cost to make an app ? | Outsource app development cost softwaredevelopment.ae What are mobile app development costs and timeframes? On what does it depend? In this post, we discuss how to save on app development and what costs are crucial...

    Added on 30 March 2018
    The #technology of #augmentedreality is really a trend of the future. and the future can relate to absolutely different spheres of business and life. Today we will touch on the topic of #publishing and the role of #augmented reality in it, details all the advantages and possibilities of this technology
    Augmented Reality for publishers : Opportunities and Perspectives - Invisible Toys invisible.toys Augmented Reality apps in publishing industry are the trend of the future offering fund and interactive way to learn new things. With Invisible Toys, you can st...