Added on 04 May
    Is Voice-over Translation the New Norm in the Business World?

    Content is no longer the king; it has expanded to encompass the entire country. In the digital era, a vast selection of content, particularly video-based content, is available for consumption. Video-based content is the most widely utilised and consumed type of material in marketing. Standard languages and graphics can entice more potential consumers and strengthen the audience's relationship, resulting in more income. So, let us go deeper into the field of

    Added on 29 April
    What’s the difference between notarized and certified translation?

    Certified translation refers to translations that are done and signed by a sworn translator. The purpose of certified translation is to prove that the document has been translated correctly and is of the highest quality. Certified translations focus on the quality of the translation and are meant to ensure that it meets the highest-quality translation standards. Further, the translator is held liable for the translation and information presented in the document.

    More Info: https://into23.com/2022/04/14/whats-the-difference-between-notarized-and-certifiedtranslation/