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    Added on 16 January 2020

    How to Improve Your Site Ranking in 2020 Post author

    Several things affect site ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Taking into account these factors decides how your website will rank on SERPs.

    SOURCE: How to Improve Your Site Ranking in 2020

    Users wonder how the leading search engines rank sites to find out which websites will be an excellent match for the search term. It is one of the most confusing things for the initial internet marketers and entrepreneurs. The question of how search engine ranks websites on the SERP can’t be defined 100 percent accurately since their algorithms and ranking factors always keep on changing and upgrading. The most important thing that truly affects the website’s ranking is the content of the website and its architecture as well as reputation. The new technologies of the search engine optimization make sure that no site that has irrelevant content rank on the first page of the search engines. Popular search engines ensure that only the sites that genuinely deserves the first ranking on the web are placed on the first SERP.

    Content is the King

    It is indeed true that if your website has poor content, then it cannot even appear in the natural search results no matter how good the reputation of the site and how well a website’s architecture is designed. Content is the king, indeed key to get on the top in the position at the search engines. The top-notch quality content will always deserve the highest ranking in the search engines, whether you take Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. The content should be well blended with the keywords, and the keyword proximity and keyword stuffing should be highly optimized in web content to rank on the top.


    Do you know the usage of the keyword should well be optimized with the formatting of the web content? For example, the keywords should be placed well in the content, as you should always use the targeted keyword in the title, headings, URL-address, anchored-text, and at the beginning of the content or page. These factors help search engines place websites that truly have the keyword optimization in the content. Thus, for a site to be placed high on SERP, it is vital to manage an excellent balance between the keyword usage and then content.

    Further About Web Content

    The natural balance of the used keywords on a web page should be optimally between 4 to 5 % inside the content of a site. This improves the probability of a site being ranked on the top for search terms. Besides this, in case the main keyword is used in the website’s URL, title, and header. This will enhance the chances of the website to be preferred by search engines. The initial search engines were pretty innocent in the management of ranking websites as they do only check the website’s URL, description, and keyword tags. These days, the new innovations in the search engine have made it pretty difficult for the low-quality sites and content to rank higher. Nowadays, the main algorithm of the search engine is that they thoroughly look for content accuracy, quality, and credibility according to the search term.

    The main thing that a website developer can do is to maintain its content well and try to offer as much content the site can offer to the search engines to enhance the search engines trust and favor on it. You can make your targeted keywords bold in the text to make them more visible to the search engines as well as the reader. By maintaining the quality and formatting of the content, one can get a higher ranking on the search engines even if the site is not that reputed.

    SERP rankings and Videos Used in Site

    “Pictures say more than words,” and a well-prepared video is a perfect source to offer your audience and users. The main focus of this factor is to appreciate internet marketers to increase the usage of creative images such as infographics and videos. Videos and images are fun to watch for busy users because, in the current time, nobody wants to read an article of 1000 words, and instead, they search on YouTube for the same query.

    If your website lacks the images and videos in an optimized quantity, then, it could be hazardous for your site to rank higher. The user is not likely to spend a lot of time just reading texts on your website as he will get bored sooner or later, and he might close your site. Images and interest arousing videos are a great way to enhance visitor engagement and to maintain the interest of the traffic. Google and other popular search engines observe the time user spends on your site, and on the basis of this, your site ranking will get its ranking.

    The video you use on the website should include an appealing thumbnail or display image to make users click it. If there is not thumbnail or the thumbnail isn’t interest arousing, then no will click it.

    The Architecture of Your Website

    You should always make sure that the content of your site should always easy to read and understand rather than just being practical and relevant information. The architecture of a website should never depress the understanding level and the readability of the user. The content of a site must be well-formatted and organized via bulletin points as the user and search engine bots will be able to read and understand your content easily. If a site provides extensive and relevant content, but everything is just messed up with each other, then the chances of the site preferred by search engines are pretty slight.

    The marketers need to understand that they always use new innovations and features to construct their site in a proper manner and in an organized order. These days, most of the content management systems are equipped with modern content organizing and architecture tool that can help your site to stand out from the crowd. This also results in a well-optimized site, and its architecture always contributes to the site’s visibility on the search engine as well as users will be able to hold them for quite long on your website, which will indirectly affect the ranking.

    Site’s Link Popularity

    The reputation of a site is an excellent sign of how adequate a site is for the keyword searches. If a website is already ranking well for multiple keywords on the search engines, then the search engines will think about the popularity and reliability of the site, and it will surely boost the search engine ranking of a site. Due to this, search engines mostly consider how popular and reputed a site is for other keywords before finally deciding a position for it. Google and Yahoo are one of those search engines that consider the site’s popularity for ranking it on their SERP.

    Several search engines also show interest in the inbound or backlink’s popularity to consider your site’s ranking. For instance, even Google and Yahoo use this factor to determine the rank of your site. If your site has backlinks of very popular and reputable sites, then it is possible that your site may receive great favor from the search engines. This all means, you should create backlinks for your site and its webpages to rank on the first or upper positions. You can choose any good strategy of creating high-quality backlinks for your site and its business-providing webpages. This will surprisingly boost the ranking of your site on popular search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

    It is also important to have the link of a relevant site to your targeted keyword to boost your rank on the keyword searches. The inbound link must match to your keyword or user’s search term in order to appear in the search engines. For instance, if your keyword is “Best housekeeping services” then, your website or webpage must have the incoming link of a site that is known for offering housekeeping services or from any blog that is about housekeeping. As a result, the search engines will be able to increase their trust on your site about a particular keyword ranking.

    The search engine ranking factors that we talked about in this article are not only the factors that will be responsible for the SERP ranking, but they are specific popular and useful factors that highly affects the ranking of a site by most search engines. Finally, by applying these main SEO factors of 2020, marketers can have their site in a better position than what they are getting now.

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