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    In Indus valley civilization, people used to practice ayurveda a science of healing) in their daily routine.
    Added on 31 August 2020

    How to choose the best natural hair colour

    31 August 2020

    No matter what our beauty goals are, healthy hair is always a priority. We don’t want to experiment to such an extent that it gets in the way of our hair health. That’s why most of us are always on the lookout for the best natural hair colour. There are so many reasons why people today colour their hair. Even though the primary reason might be to cover our greys but it is not the only reason. The way to find a natural hair dye is to look out for ingredients which are not potentially hair damaging. Damage-free hair colour will not include the harmful chemicals—PPD, ammonia and other heavy metals. Such chemicals have a tendency to cause breakage to the hair, making them weak and severely affecting their texture, in the attempt to increase the amount of time for which their hair retains the dye colour.

    Ammonia opens up the uppermost layer of the hair and helps the colour penetrate it into the inner layer, this damages the strength of the hair. Any natural hair colour will not affect the health of the hair as natural hair colours are made with herbs and the goodness of naturally found ingredients.

    Some ingredients found in an organically natural hair colour are Amla, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Sunflower extract and honey, among others. One product that comes with the goodness of all these natural plant extracts is the Indus Valley Natural Hair Colour. It is one of the few products in the market that can actually be called a damage-free hair colour as it is a natural hair dye.

    Another reason why organically natural hair colour should be one of your priorities while picking a new product is that it not only gives a long-lasting colour to the hair without the worry of damage, but it also gives additional benefits which help in the growth and contribute to the health of the hair. Naturally available ingredients used in such products are not used to get just one benefit. The main benefit of including natural ingredients to make a truly organically natural hair colour is that anyone who is using these plants for one benefit can also get all of its other benefits.

    Further, a lot of us might have already damaged our hair with regular heat treatments and chemical use like smoothening, rebounding, curling, or prior hair colouring. It is true that the more chemicals you use on your hair, faster it is going to age. Therefore, the need to use a damage-free hair colour does not disappear with the increase in the frequency of chemical treatments; rather it grows ever so greatly. In such situations, no matter what your grandmother says, turning to organic henna (Mehendi) is not the best option especially since it leaves your greys with an orangish shade and not black or brown or your desired colour which is clearly visible and detectable to the naked eye.

    Indus valley’s organically natural hair colours come in 6 different shades and are definitely one of the best natural hair colours available out there. It allows you to indulge in your hair care needs as it is a damage-free hair colour. It helps make the hair luscious and nurtured. The beneficial properties of an organically natural hair colour help protect the hair against dirt and pollution and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Ingredients like Amla, Aloe Vera and Jojoba not only help in protecting the hair from potential breakage but also makes it stronger, renews the strength of the strands and helps maintain the health of the scalp and the hair.

    However, the best benefit of using a natural hair dye is that the colour it leaves is organic and thus it fully accustoms itself and gives a natural look to the colour. The days where hair colour looked inorganic and unnatural are behind us, organically natural hair colour or a natural hair dye is the best option for anyone who wishes to have natural, shiny, healthy, grey-free hair.


    They used ayurvedic beauty treatments which were free from chemicals and made from natural herbs and ingredients which don’t have any side effect. Indus valley tag follows the same era and reminds us More
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