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    In Indus valley civilization, people used to practice ayurveda a science of healing) in their daily routine.
    Added on 14 May 2021

    Top 5 Reasons Why Olive Oil is so Celebrated Around The World


    The history of olive oil can be traced back to thousands of years ago when it was being used by people living around the Mediterranean (Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans).

     They used olive oil not just for consumption, but also for perfume, soap, anointments and topical use. But it was in Ancient Greece that olive oil achieved the respected status that it still enjoys today—a bio-organic product that was famously called Liquid Gold. It was so highly valued that even the crown for the Olympic Games was made out as to represent the olive branch.

    Olive oil is far more enriching than other oils, because while other vegetable oils are extracted from seeds, olive oil is extracted from the fruit. Brilliant minds like Hippo crates, Homer and Galen, all praised the olive oil for its immense positive impact on health.

    • Ultimate skin nourishment:

    Olive oil has very high vitamin E content. This helps to treat inflammation, skin dryness and acne. It facilitates improved overall skin health. It also helps retain skin elasticity, while its regenerative properties make your skin look smoother and younger. Its antioxidants, minerals and good amount of fatty acids help reduce oxidative damage from free radicals. It also contains oleuropein and has powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that help deep cleaning and deep nourishing the skin.

    Younger looking skin:

    Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, E, D and K. Its antioxidants help fade away scars, wrinkles, sunburn and dark circles by decreasing oxidative stress. It also helps exfoliate cracked heels and moisturizes the tough skin under the foot and elbows.  Its anti-inflammatory properties help in cell migration, cell proliferation and collagen deposition, thus repairing damaged skin cells and reducing marks and wounds.

    Flaunt your nails:


    Nails are very significant parts of our body. A layer of clear skin located at the bottom edge of the fingers and toes called the cuticle is one of the main parts of the nails. This cuticle functions as a protector of new nails from bacteria, which may grow out from the nail roots. The antioxidants and vitamins present in olive oil work miraculously for fixing most of the nail related issues. Daily massaging the cuticles with olive oil stimulates quicker nail growth. Indus Valley Bio-organic olive oil also enhances the health of the skin around nails while adding shine to your nails.

    Silky, soft and moisturized hair:

    The beneficial qualities of olive oil for smoothening and strengthening hair very efficiently is a known fact around the world today. Rich in vitamin E, regular massages on the scalp with olive oil facilitate new hair growth, prevent hair fall and repair split ends. Oleic acid, palmitic acid and squalene are the primary emollients in olive oil that possesses softening qualities. Olive oil penetrates the hair shaft and locks its moisture inside, making it look soft, shiny, strong and smooth.

    No more dandruff:


    Olive oil works as a natural conditioner. Intense moisturizing qualities of this bio-organic product help unclog the hair follicles off grime and dirt that lead to irritation and dandruff. Its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce scalp irritation. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the oil make it an effective hair cleanser. After deep cleaning, olive oil intense nourishes the hair.

    Indus Valley Bio-organic Pure Carrier Olive Oil is 100% pure and natural. Derived from organically grown olive fruits, and extracted through natural processes, it maintains the original essence and high nutritional value of the fruit itself.User reviews indicate that it is one of the best olive oils that you can ever use for your all-round healthy growth.


    They used ayurvedic beauty treatments which were free from chemicals and made from natural herbs and ingredients which don’t have any side effect. Indus valley tag follows the same era and reminds us More
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