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    Added on 05 July

    Food License Registration Online in India

    05 July

    Apply for FSSAI License with Food License Online! Get real deals, juicy terms and pay the charge at confect amounts. You can obtain your FSSAI license even before you get your Food order! The main aim of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India or FSSAI License Online is to scale back the probabilities of food adulteration, substandard or inferior food products, and improve the accountability of makers by granting them a license for foodservice business.

    Types of Food Safety License

    All types of food-related businesses must apply for a food license. And the sort of Food License which you would like to urge depends on the varied factors like turnover of the food business, the size of the food business, and the kind of operations or activities you’re indulged in. Basically, there are two sorts of FSSAI License or Food Safety license or food License. One is that the FSSAI License, and therefore the other is that the FSSAI Registration. But, how do you determine, which one of them is right for you?

    Basic FSSAI Registration

    Basic FSSAI Registration is needed by petty food business owners. The turnover of such food-related business shouldn’t exceed quite Rs. 12 lakhs per annum such as a petty retailer, itinerant vendor hawker, or temporary stallholders.

    FSSAI State License

    FSSAI State License may be a license issued to a business that features a turnover of between Rs. 12 Lac to Rs. 20 Cr. Furthermore, the turnover limit is that the same for an FSSAI State Manufacturing license or an FSSAI State license.

    Central FSSAI License

    Central FSSAI License is a license issued to the food businesses which hold a turnover of more than Rs. 20 Crore. Some of the FBOs that come under this category are Manufacturing, Trading and Storage units, and so on.

    Why does a Food Business need a Food License?

    The point of getting a food license is to ensure that the food items or products packed, which are traded and sold by Food Business Operators are up to the quality standards dictated by the FSSAI. The ultimate aim of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is to reduce the chances of inferior food products, food adulteration and to improve the activity of food manufacturers by granting them a food license for food business or service.

    Documents needed for FSSAI Registration

    Following is the list of documents required to get your food license:

    • Filled and signed Form B
    • Photographs of food business operator for identity proof
    • Rent agreement for the proof of possession of the premise
    • MOA, Partnership deed, AOA, etc. are required as per the type of entity
    • List of food items or food products involved
    • Complete plan or draft of the food safety management system

    Documents Needed For Central FSSAI License

    • Filled and duly signed Form B
    • Blueprint of the food business unit
    • List of equipment and machinery used in the business unit
    • Details of partners, directors, proprietors, and so on as per the type of entity
    • List of food products or food items to be addressed
    • Sources of raw materials used in the production process
    • Form IX
    • Copy of certificate from the Ministry of Tourism
    • Copy of certificate from Ministry of Commerce for 100% EOU
    • Rent agreement is required if the premise is rented place
    • NOC or No Objection Certificate issued by FSSAI
    • Authority Letter
    • Declaration Form
    • NOC from the Manufacturer and a copy of the license

    Documents Required For FSSAI State License

    • Completed and duly signed Form B
    • Blueprint of Food business unit
    • List of kit and machinery utilized in the unit
    • Complete details of partners, proprietors, directors, etc. as per the type of entity
    • List of food products or food items to be addressed
    • Authority Letter
    • Proof of possession of the premise such as rent agreement.
    • Certificate of Food Safety Management System
    • Any other needed document
    • Additional Documents Needed For Manufacturers
    • The layout blueprint of the processing unit
    • Complete details of machinery or equipment of the unit
    • Details of food categories that are to be produced or manufactured
    • Report for pesticide residues on the water

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