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  • Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316
Jiffy Jeff Transportation provides luxury shuttle transfer service from all South Florida.
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  • Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316


Jiffy Jeff Transportation is here to offer you with luxurious shuttle transportation services. We cover all major areas of South Florida including all the airports and hotels. Call us at 305-588-6143 to More


Added on 28 January 2019
Choosing a luxury #transportation service, saves time, money, and possibly lost luggage. With the help of a premier #airportshuttle service, we can get you get you back and forth to your destination, virtually with no hassle and and satisfaction guaranteed rate of success.

Added on 16 January 2019
If you are considering hiring the best #airport #shuttle service, to get you to and from the airport on time, below are few helpful #tips to choose the best #transportation service.


Added on 16 January 2019
While #traveling is fun and full of enjoyment as you get a chance to explore different places, it has many fun ways to make an otherwise normal traveler take on several troublesome habits that can drive anyone crazy. Well, the good #news is that no matter what kind of #traveler are you, there are still chances out there to quit even the most persistent bad travel habits.

Added on 16 January 2019
While many #travelers use a cab to get from the #airports to their hotels, they can over time become costly. If you decide to plan ahead and get a #shuttle service then you will save on a lot of overhead. You can pre-plan your #trip by talking to a company that will already have you in their daily planner, thus making your #traveling decisions much more cost effective.


Added on 16 January 2019
Make sure that you are looking for companies that will meet your overall needs. For instance- if you and a few friends need to be escorted to a meeting, you probably won’t need a company that exclusively has stretch Hummers and #limousines. #travel

Added on 26 December 2018
Having these functions will aid to a great experience. After your #cruise, it is important to select the right and perfect #transportation solution especially in Fort Lauderdale. Choose wisely and enjoy your #vacation.

Added on 06 December 2018
#Hiring a professional and licensed #transportation service like Go Jiffy Jeff means you don’t have to worry about traffic. You can relax with your family or friends because our designated drivers are driving.


Added on 06 December 2018
It's easy to hire a luxury airport shuttle service anywhere nowadays. All you need is to figure out the details: date of travel, number id travelers, and the intended destination or destination? Once you are clear with all such details, get in touch with a reputable airport shuttle transportation company ASAP to book a shuttle service.

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Added on 06 December 2018
POM #shuttle #transportation service is equipped with luxury #cars like the limos as some passengers would love to go in style cruising a limo to complement their status, as there are dozens of car service in the area, around the ports to provide you with this service.


Added on 06 December 2018
It is possible you save yourself the haulage and stress associated with driving yourself from your destination to the Miami port #cruise terminal, coupled with the expenses you will incur for parking lots at the terminal. #travel