Michael Clarke

    Added on 08 March 2019
    #Orthodontic treatment is the best way to straighten teeth whether they're crowded or crooked. Improving the appearance and health of the teeth is no easy task! The most carefully planned treatments should be monitored regularly to ensure treatment is on track.

    If you’re considering getting #braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you probably have many questions! Here are some of the facts about #Invisalign:

    1) A custom-made clear aligner which uses clear and removable trays for straightening teeth instead of metal braces.
    2) Simpler hygiene and cleaning, as trays, are removed for eating.
    3) They are to be worn 22 hours a day.

    Have any further questions? The best solution is to take advice from an orthodontic specialist who can guide you with the best options available. https://bit.ly/2H6n0vi

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