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Posted on 09 August 2019 at 09:27AM
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Michael Clarke
Posted on 10 April 2019 at 06:01AM
#Braces and Invisalign both are designed to straighten your teeth while improving your smile and oral #health. Multiple options are present to help you decide which type of orthodontic treatment is right for you or your kid's teeth. #Invisalign and traditional braces each have unique advantages worth considering.

Learn more about Invisalign in comparison to traditional braces.

Michael Clarke
Posted on 08 March 2019 at 10:13AM
#Orthodontic treatment is the best way to straighten teeth whether they're crowded or crooked. Improving the appearance and health of the teeth is no easy task! The most carefully planned treatments should be monitored regularly to ensure treatment is on track.

If you’re considering getting #braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you probably have many questions! Here are some of the facts about #Invisalign:

1) A custom-made clear aligner which uses clear and removable trays for straightening teeth instead of

Michael Clarke
Posted on 21 February 2019 at 07:29AM
You know that straightening your teeth can help give you the self-confidence, so what are you waiting for? If you thought of braces option which are completely invisible sounds great to you, lingual #braces might be your perfect match. But wearing lingual braces requires more caution when you eat hard or crunchy foods, which should be avoided whenever necessary. Find trusted information on lingual braces from here! #dentalcare #dental