House Lifting Lauderdale FL



    What is House Lifting?
    Connecting You With Foundation Repair Fort Lauderdale FL Experts
    House lifting, as the name suggests, is the process of raising a home slightly above its current foundation. Depending on why you’re going for one, experts elevate your home between 5-12 feet.
    However, note that this elevation height is flexible, and it may vary slightly from company to company – or the reason behind home lifting. Besides, the Fort Lauderdale foundation repair experts use varying techniques to lift your home, from hydraulic screw jacks to the arrow lift structural lifting system.
    For the most part, house raising involves lifting the house and bracing it, lifting it again, and repeating the same process. Yes, the original procedure is a bit more complex and challenging, but it’s the same nonetheless. The standard method involves professionals elevating your home using hydraulic jacks and supporting it using temporary supports known as cribs. Then they dig holes to install beams. As soon as a series of steel beams and jack are put into place, your home begins to elevate.