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    Located in Heart of Kolkata at Park Street, Hotel VIP International is one of the premier and one of the best Hotels in Kolkata. Call: (033) 22176495/96
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    As a Three Star Hotels in Kolkata with a history of impeccable customer service including Online Hotel Booking in Kolkata , VIP Group lives up to its client expectations and has high quality benchmarks More


    Added on 20 March 2019
    In the windy streets of Kolkata dotted with British-era buildings, heritage vehicles and local delicacies, a photographer’s eye will spot many amazing frames.


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    Added on 18 March 2019
    Kolkata is turned into a magnificent kaleidoscope replete with colors, fun and fervor. Below, we've put together a list of fun things to do to have a HATKE HOLI in Kolkata.


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    Added on 06 March 2019
    Nifty Tips and Tricks to Have the Best Hotel Stay Experience

    Travelling is fun. It plays a crucial role in our lives. Every once in a while, people like to visit new places and cities and when they do so they give special attention to the accommodation. Staying at a new place involves a bit of planning beforehand.


    Added on 02 March 2019
    5 Amazing Things that Encapsulates the True Feeling of Kolkata

    Kolkata is a seething pot of history, culture and legacy. Every nook and cranny of the city brims with life, joy and wonder – leaving no doubts why it is branded as the city of joy!


    Added on 01 March 2019
    Discover Calcutta, an Erstwhile British Capital with Iconic Heritage Walk Tour

    The British legacy in Kolkata is still rich, strong and overpowering. Though the British have left India decades ago, their majestic European touch is still palpable across the city’s myriad heritage buildings and colonial structures. British architectural style was unique and varied.


    Added on 21 February 2019

    The Journey of Luscious #bengalisweets

    One of the many unique attractions of Kolkata is the delicious ‘mishti’ (sweet) available here. Delightfully soft, delicately sweetened and sometimes flavoured with exotic ingredients – Kolkata’s sweet dishes have patrons all over the world!

    Added on 16 February 2019

    3 Most Instagrammable Cafes in Kolkata

    Kolkata has no shortage of cute cafes – and if you are all about clicking INSTA-worthy pictures – full of quirky décor, gorgeous food and fantastic lifestyle, you’ve struck gold. The city of joy offers a slew of amazing cafes that are perfect for lighting up your Instagram feeds.

    Added on 13 February 2019

    6 Top Places to Pick up Unique Souvenirs in Kolkata

    With fancy goods as well as locally crafted artefacts, and plenty of markets and malls to explore – souvenir shopping in Kolkata is a thrilling activity!

    Added on 12 December 2018
    Don’t believe in ghosts? Can you then brave going to these 4 eerie spots on a dark winter night in Kolkata? You must start with the ancient Park Street Cemetery.


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    Added on 11 December 2018
    Looking for a romantic experience to cherish for lifetime? Kolkata winters, with its pleasant atmosphere and touching old world charm, offers the right setting!


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