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We provide a range of senior citizen assistance services including Health Care,Seniors Hoarding, Financial Assistance, Help in Household Affairs and more.
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The Seniors' Answer provides seniors assistance with tasks of daily living such as paying bills, identity theft prevention measures, de-cluttering/filing, budgeting, tax and legal record management, trustee More
Added on 24 December 2018
The new ruling is complex for the average applicant. For those veterans who are applying for benefits it may be worthwhile to consult with an #Elder Law Attorney who has experience in this specialized area. Our website provides some #elderattorneys in the southeast Florida area.


Added on 24 December 2018
It is recommended that each year’s donations are executed early in the year so there is no confusion by year’s end or over distribution via an automatic withdrawal. There are special aspects of the OCD that must be met so the first place to start this process is with one’s CPA or #wealthmanager. #senior


Added on 24 December 2018
Whether it is family, friends, neighbors, caregivers or others involved these are often cases of undue influence and the “new normal” must be recalibrated to a realistic “normal” for the sake of the senior. https://theseniorsanswer.com/when-the-new-normal-no-longer-works/

Shared on 23 November 2018
We help in making your #Financial #Operations simplified and easier with our #OnlineInvoiceSoftware.

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Added on 23 November 2018
A good personal #financial-advisor understands how complex #financial products work and how these products may get your profits up. #advisor
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Added on 23 November 2018
Hiring a #Home-Care professional is very Affordable, it costs a lot less per hour than it does to commit yourself to a #nursing home. And a home care professional Offers your loved one Personalized, One on One care and attention. The ease of getting an #Elderly-Care Professional is a quite simple process.

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Added on 21 November 2018
It’s a very complex subject. Below is an overview of the #Medicare-plans and its components, and questions that should be asked. Once the questions are answered, plans can be evaluated that best one’s needs. It is very important to spend time comparing plans. #senior
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Added on 21 November 2018
Important Questions to Ask When Hiring #Home-Health-Care for Your #Senior Loved One
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Added on 21 November 2018
Corrine was continuing in her #business management career in Ohio when her favorite aunt, childless and without other #family-support, became seriously ill. Unlike most of our clients’ families, Corrine was able to relocate to Florida to provide care for her then 84-year-old aunt and managed her #finances and long-neglected home.
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Added on 21 November 2018
The Seniors’ Answer helps seniors with their daily routine tasks, paperwork and affairs along with emergency issues so that their families do not have the intense pressure of managing two households...
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