Posted on 14 November 2022 at 11:28AM
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Garavi Gujarat
Posted on 12 November 2022 at 08:42AM
હ્યુસ્ટનમાં ભારતીય નાગરિકને કોલ સેન્ટર કૌભાંડમાં 60 મહિનાની જેલ સજા
Indian national jailed for 60 months in #CallCenter #scaminHouston
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હ્યુસ્ટનમાં ભારતીય નાગરિકને કોલ સેન્ટર કૌભાંડમાં 60 મહિન... garavigujarat.biz હ્યુસ્ટનમાં ગેરકાયદે રહેતા 38 વર્ષીય ભારતીય નાગરિકને કોલ સેન

Asian Times UK
Posted on 12 November 2022 at 07:50AM
‘No Shame Movement’ – A noble initiative by IAS Officer Abhishek Singh garners support from Rakul Preet Singh - Asiantimes asiantimes.biz The crowd of 1500 + girls with palpable excitement filled the auditorium of Daulat Ram College, the University of Delhi as they witnessed the warm entry of renowned personalities like Abhishek Singh, Actor, and IAS, Rakul Preet, Actress. The topic of the talk show grabbed even more attention as in this technical and constantly socializing… C...