Afriglobal Medicare
Posted on 06 August at 01:44PM
Are you wondering if your kidneys are functioning as they should? If you’ve been feeling tired, nauseous, or have a general feeling of not feeling well, then you might require a kidney function test. This test measures the body’s ability to filter and remove waste products from the blood. To schedule a KFT test at an affordable price, please visit Afriglobal Medicare, or you can visit our website for more information.

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Afriglobal Medicare
Posted on 04 August at 08:19AM
Complete Body Checkup

A full body health checkup or complete medical checkup is a process that involves the full medical assessment of a human"s body. A health checkup also known as a health examination helps in the identification of various health problems within the human body and allows for early treatment. To know the status of your current health make an appointment with afriglobal medicare and get yourself tested at genuine cost. Read more: https://www.afriglobalmedicare.com/complete-body-checkup-packages-to-benefit-your-health/
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