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Afriglobal Medicare Limited is a state-of-the-art and one of the best Medical diagnostics centers in Lagos Nigeria, offering International Standard Healthcare. https://www.afriglobalmedicare.com/ More
Added on 14 September
STI Symptoms
A sexually transmitted infection is a medical condition that is transmitted through sexual contact. The majority of STIs don't cause any noticeable symptoms, but some of them can cause vaginal discharge, uncomfortable urination, or bleeding in between periods. Chlamydia is a typical sexually transmitted disease. It is advised that you and your sexual partner(s) get tested for STIs if you suspect you may have any of these STI symptoms. Visit Afriglobal Medicare to arrange an STI test at a

Added on 13 September
STI Test
In recent years, sexually transmitted infections have become a significant health concern. The STI Test, which aids in identifying symptoms of sexually transmitted infections, has grown in popularity along with growing awareness of STIs. Visit our official website and register for your test there. To discover more about sexual testing, read our blogs.

Added on 10 September
Diagnosis of Asthma

If you have severe asthma, the best thing you want to do is to just rely on medication. In some cases, it's best to have a specialist who can watch over your treatment and help you figure out what your best option is. If you're not sure who exactly that should be, Afriglobal Medicare can help! To know more about the Diagnosis of Asthma you can read our blog.

Added on 08 September
Treatment of Asthma

Asthma treatment can sometimes be risky and complicated. Though a prescription drug may be the best option in some cases, it may not be sufficient for everyone. In some cases, people require special attention. Afriglobal Medicare provides special treatment for asthma patients. To know more about the Treatment of Asthma you can read our blog.

Added on 07 September
Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory condition that is frequently brought on by exposure to particular triggers, including dust, mold, and smoke. It can be fatal and is quite prevalent in children. Symptoms of Asthma might include throat and chest discomfort, wheezing, coughing, and trouble breathing. If you believe that you may have asthma but have not yet received a diagnosis, please visit Afriglobal Medicare. For more information, read our blog.

Added on 03 September
Difference Between MRI and CT Scan
Do you know the difference between an MRI and CT scan? If not then Afriglobal Medicare is here to help you. A CT scan, also known as a computerized tomography scan, creates cross-sectional images of the body using X-rays. An MRI on the other hand creates images of the body's organs and structures using radio waves and a powerful magnetic field. To know more about the difference between MRI and CT scans read our blog.

Added on 01 September
MRI Scan
An MRI scan is a diagnostic procedure that utilizes magnetic fields and radio waves to produce a detailed, three-dimensional image of the body to diagnose and assess a variety of conditions, including brain, spine, and joint problems. It is also used to detect abnormalities in the liver, kidneys, or heart. To know more about MRI Scan, or to schedule an MRI scan test, visit our website.

Added on 31 August
Brain Disease Symptoms
The brain is a sophisticated organ that carries out many different tasks, including those related to cognition, memory, and language. However, neurological conditions can impair brain function. Therefore, it's critical to understand brain disease symptoms to stop further illness. Visit our website to learn more about mental health issues.

Added on 30 August
Symptoms of Brian Disorder
The brain is a complex organ that performs a wide variety of functions, such as cognition, memory, and language. But neurological disorders can disrupt the way the brain works. So it is important to know the symptoms of brain disorders to prevent future diseases. To know more about brain disorders, visit our website.

Added on 29 August
Types of Brain Diseases
There are various types of brain disorders. Different sorts of brain disorders can have an impact on both the body and the intellect. For instance, Parkinson's disease is a neurological condition that impairs mobility. Alzheimer's disease is a gradual, degenerative brain condition that can impact memory, mood, and behavior. You also need to be aware of the several varieties of brain illnesses. To learn more about the different types of brain diseases, read our blog.