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Sperm quality and quantity testing:
Male infertility issues account for about a third of all fertility disorders. A man may be perfectly healthy, but his sperm is of poor quality. Some men may have more serious medical issues, such as low testosterone levels or low male sex hormones.
The most significant Male Infertility Test Is Sperm Analysis, which provides an exact count of sperm, their motility (capacity to move), their morphology (shape and size), as well as the volume and consistency of

Sankhyana Consultancy Services
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Astro Value
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#Career report of #year contains descriptive #astrological #analysis through which it is easy to peep inside the #future and with this valuable #knowledge you can #plan the year accordingly. #Profession, #Business or #Job what would be suitable for attaining the #Heights of #Success.
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Astro Value
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#Marriage is considered as the second phase of life once you have taken the step you cannot reverse it, hence the #decision should be taken only after proper #analysis. #Marriage #Horoscope report is helpful for those who are #married and want to know the #future of their marital life.
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