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Posted on 22 September 2022 at 08:28AM
How Age Of Both Men & Women Can Impact IVF
According to #medicalscience, the older you get, the difficulty of having a successful #IVF-treatment rate also decreases. If you're planning to have a family and you're facing issues with #fertility, you should consult a doctor and understand how this can be treated as soon as possible. Learn more about #male-infertility and #female-infertility with the best team of doctors in Ahmedabad at KD Blossom Hospital. To book an appointment, call +91-7966770000 today!

Posted on 30 December 2021 at 08:55AM
Sperm quality and quantity testing:
Male infertility issues account for about a third of all fertility disorders. A man may be perfectly healthy, but his sperm is of poor quality. Some men may have more serious medical issues, such as low testosterone levels or low male sex hormones.
The most significant Male Infertility Test Is Sperm Analysis, which provides an exact count of sperm, their motility (capacity to move), their morphology (shape and size), as well as the volume and consistency of