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GoGoNano is a nanotech startup working in the field of stain & water protectors. Our team is passionate about finding and creating eco-friendly products.
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Added on 16 May
Anti-Fog cleaning cloth for glasses 6 10 We have developed a product called Anti-fog which is an anti-fog cleaning cloth for glasses. It is a nanotechnologically advanced microfiber cloth that helps you to achieve the anti-fog and protective properties of glasses. Unlike liquid anti-fog agents, the Anti-Fog cleaning cloth does not damage the existing protective layers on the glass but cleans the surface gently and safely.

Added on 16 May
Clean – 100% Eco-friendly shoe cleaner, 150ml 8 13 GoGoNano Clean is a brand-new, 100% natural and eco-friendly shoe cleaner that helps to clean all leather, suede, and textile products.
Its main properties are:

-Gives materials and items an intense clean
-Cleans various materials including textiles, suede and leather
-Safe to use and completely biodegradable
-Concentrated formula
-100% eco-friendly formula

Added on 16 May
Eco-Friendly Shoe Protector Spray For Shoes & Fashion 14 19 Protect from GoGoNano is a 100% eco-friendly shoe protector spray that provides durable protection for your shoes and boots against water and stains for up to 6 months.

Some of its amazing benefits include:

-Super water & dirt repellent coating
-Protection against UV rays, water and oil
-Water-based, 100% eco-friendly and safe to use formula
-Customer and planet-friendly aerosol supplied by AiroPack. True 360 performance – consistent, controlled output.

Added on 16 May
Liquid Screen Protector GoGoNano Liquid Shield 25ml 13 7 Liquid Shield – best liquid screen protector covers the screen of your device with a transparent coating, which protects it against scratches, reduces the marks of fingerprints and makes it easier to clean the screen. Thanks to the new technology, the liquid screen protector is 100% bubble-free, unlike regular plastic screen protectors. It is a water-based, nature-friendly, and biodegradable product.