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gaugestools is a leading supplier and manufacturer of thread gauges. we can supply thread ring gages for external thread and thread plug gages.
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Added on 17 January
Stub acme taps are made by Gaugestools using high-quality materials that meet the requirements of the application. Stub acme taps feature a high degree of accuracy and can be used to tap in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and graded casting.

Added on 10 January
Gaugestools is one of the renowned names in the plug gauges suppliers, manufacturer, and export exactness engineered range of plug gauges. Our clients utilize these plug gauges for a variety of purposes, including measuring specifications.

Added on 27 December 2021
We offer ACME thread taps in different types. These thread taps are manufactured using good quality acme threads tap are generally used for machine traversing motions and CNC machinery. These acme thread taps are available in gaugestools.

Added on 13 December 2021
The thread angle on Acme taps is 29 degrees, and the thread height is one-half of the pitch. This thread style is commonly used in lead screws and other load-bearing applications. In mass production, ACME taps are extensively employed. These acme taps are available in gaugestools. visit the website for more information.

Added on 29 November 2021
We are one of the most reputable Thread Ring Gauges manufacturers, and our gauges are of high quality. We offer Thread Ring Gauge Manufacturer high-quality Thread Ring Gauge products at certified prices. It is used to check the outside major diameter and pitch diameter limits on threaded parts. It is available in gaugestools, you can buy it easily.

Added on 16 November 2021
We have many standard GO NOGO thread gauges in stock, including Metric, United inch, BSPP, BSPT, NPT, and NPSM, etc. The Go No Go side of the thread gage performs a check on only the pitch diameter, verifying that it does not exceed the maximum shape.

Added on 01 November 2021
We are an honest Supplier of Thread Plug Gauges from the China. We are backed by a team of skilled and expert workers who makes use of smooth machines for their production. The Gauges are manufactured in compliance with the stated international nature standards.

Added on 26 October 2021
We ring gauges manufacture in a wide range of sizes from 2 mm to 400 mm as per popular manufacturing standards like ISO, API, BS, and IS. We are a leading manufacturer, exporter, and trader of Thread Ring Gauges, and our products are made up of good quality. https://www.gaugestools.com

Added on 20 August 2020
ACME taps typically want specialized engineering and design due to the type and severity of cut required in producing #ACME threads #taps. For hard #metal tapping,such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, copper, etc.

Added on 11 September 2018
ACME Taps ACME Thread Taps HSS taper plug bottom taps | gaugestools gaugestools.com gaugestools is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ACME taps, ACME thread taps, Stub-ACME taps. Material is HSS, HSS-E, including Taper, Plug and Bottom